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 Center for Leadership Assistance & Promotion (CLAP) is a voluntary, non-political, non profit and social welfare organization working in Chittagong with the aim to assist and promote the future leaders. A nation cannot achieve success until its citizens become resources. A citizen becomes a resource when he becomes aware of his rights and liabilities.  By knowing his rights and liabilities, a citizen plays a leading role into his respective skilled arena. That’s why; CLAP aims to assist citizens to be aware of current local, national and global issues as well as to promote platforms for them to exercise their leadership skills.
current local, national and global issues as well as to promote platforms for them to exercise their leadership skills. CLAP aims to encourage leadership in our volunteers while working on different social issues like ensuring civil liberties for transgenic people, creating awareness about right to information act and protecting the rights of child laborers in Bangladesh. Currently, 900 volunteers (age 13 to 25) are working actively for CLAP in order to contribute to solving many local and regional challenges and so create a better world to live in. 

Current Project: Gender Glitch

 In Bangladesh, transgender people are a repressed, marginalized community deprived of the most basic human rights such as Right to Social Security, Right to Food and Shelter, right to be treated equally etc. As they are not given any economic support either from government or from business sectors, hijras are compelled to collect money forcefully from the shopkeepers for their living. Center for Leadership Assistance and Promotion (CLAP), a social welfare organization is currently developing a unique social business plan which will provide this community meaningful and sustainable economic solution and will promote acceptance of hijras from the ground up. Under the name of “Gender Glitch”, this project will serve a mission of assisting hijras with handicrafts making skills in order to empower them economically and socially.

Gender Glitch -Project Proposal


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