President’s Message


Dear friends, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to welcome you to the CLAP family.  I feel a great deal of amazement and gratitude when I remember the last four years of our journey. Walking down the memory lane, I can reminisce those numerous events, awareness programs, conferences and workshops we organized with the help of our great team, forming a great sense of friendship and shared responsibility among our volunteers.

I had brought up this idea of starting CLAP with my two colleagues Md. Rezaur Rahman and Saimum Reza Talukdar during a social leadership course in SUSI (Study in the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders Program), who shared my views about minority rights and wanted to be part of this benevolent cause. Upon returning from the U.S., we decided to start our foundation called Center for Leadership Assistance and Promotion (CLAP) on 29th October 2010.

Since the beginning of 2011, when we finalized our constitution and organizational structure, I have been the president of CLAP, actively overseeing the daily proceedings and charting the course of its growth, including organizing events, bringing in funds and arranging collaborations. CLAP is my passion and I want to spread the enthusiasm to as many young people of our country as possible to work on minority issues in Bangladesh. So I am always eager to engage with and inspire more people to become a part of our ever-growing family.

If you too care for our country and its people, please spare a moment to think about the challenges each of us face in their own social sphere. Please take a look around our website or think from your own experiences how the social minorities in our country – women, ethnic groups, transgenders or religious minorities – find it more difficult compared to the majorities. And if you think this is a cause worth standing up for, then you are so very welcome to join hands with us to make this nation a better place for everyone. I’m sure you will.

Best wishes,


About CLAP Foundation

 Center for Leadership Assistance & Promotion (CLAP) is a voluntary, non-political, non profit and social welfare organization working in Chittagong with the aim to assist and promote the future leaders and inspire them to serve our minority communities. A nation cannot achieve success until its citizens become resources. A citizen becomes a resource when he becomes aware of his rights and liabilities.  By knowing his rights and liabilities, a citizen plays a leading role into his respective skilled arena. That’s why, CLAP aims to assist citizens to be aware of current local, national and global issues as well as to promote platforms for them to exercise their leadership skills.

CLAP aims to assist the youth of Bangladesh to be aware of the local, national and global issues related to the minority communities, as well as to promote platforms for them to exercise their leadership skills through public service.

To Create a More inclusive Bangladesh

Upcoming Project

Mobile Phone App
Gender Glitch
Mobile Phone App

Every year nearly 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married worldwide, and most of them are even below the age of 15, nor mentally or physically prepared to be wives or mother. In this world-wide scenario, Bangladesh has the second highest number of child marriage after Niger, according to the UNICEF report. Having lived in this male-dominated conservative society of Bangladesh, this figure is not an understatement rather a bitter truth of our society. Structural and social inequalities, negligence in law enforcement from the side of government, harsh political economy, superstition and many more issues have made child marriage such severe problem. Therefore, CLAP foundation is launching a cost-effective, easily accessible, user friendly mobile phone app to raise awareness and reduce child marriages in Bangladesh.
When provided for free, any individual with a phone that meets the minimum requirements can download and install this application. The application features will be kept straight-forward and easy to understand for less sophisticated people. With an internet connection the user can browse the existing information in the app, modify or update any information if necessary and add new information according to the requirements. Even if used by a modest number of people in a given area, we can gather enough information to actively implement our plan of reducing child marriage by coordinating with law enforcement officials and non-governmental organizations.
We are launching this app soon! Stay Updated!

Gender Glitch

In Bangladesh, transgender people are a repressed, marginalized community deprived of the most basic human rights such as Right to Social Security, Right to Food and Shelter, right to be treated equally etc. As they are not given any economic support either from government or from business sectors, hijras are compelled to collect money forcefully from the shopkeepers for their living. Center for Leadership Assistance and Promotion (CLAP), a social welfare organization is currently developing a unique social business plan which will provide this community meaningful and sustainable economic solution and will promote acceptance of hijras from the ground up. Under the name of “Gender Glitch”, this project will serve a mission of assisting hijras with handicrafts making skills in order to empower them economically and socially.

Gender Glitch -Project Proposal


CLAP in the Media:

 Ambassador Dan Mozen’s Message:




Tanzila Mazumdar Drishti
Previous General Secretary, CLAP Foundation


During my undergraduate years, I have co-organized the first Youth Forum between the Chittagong Hill Tracts tribal minority and Bengali youth with CLAP Foundation and worked as the General Secretary of their executive board. This forum was the country’s first ever platform where youth of both sides had a constructive day long dialogue about the human rights violation issues in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. I have also designed and organized events to raise social acceptance of transgender individuals (hijras) in our community with this organization.


Message for CLAP’s future:

I want to see CLAP Foundation bridging the gap between tribal minorities and Bengali youth of Bangladesh. If the change has to come it has to come through the youth. It is sad how our leaders keep on having conferences on the issue but nobody really tries to solve the on goings issues using youth power.

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding CLAP Foundation, or simply want to learn more about us, feel free to contact the number below or through the contact form on the right. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jamal Khan, Chittagong.
Cell: +8801731 831478

Also connect us on our Facebook Page 


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